Our story

The story behind T-Husky

Behind T-Husky is Tiina Maaninen from Oulu, who breeds Siberian huskies under the kennel name Arktiska. The first Siberian Huskies arrived in 2004, from which the herd gradually grew larger and the hobby began to take with it racing. In addition to dog safaris, we still mainly compete in the open or eight-dog class on medium (approx. 45-50) and long distances of approx. 300-500 km.

Our kennel is a small safari kennel, there are currently 24 dogs. Dogs are our best friends and their well-being is especially important to us. Daily togetherness in the running yard among the whole herd is not only relaxation and fun for us, but also an opportunity to observe the state of health of each individual. 

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